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Super Cute and Nice
Dec 28, 2018
Had a great time with this little cutie. She was really nice and ommunicates really well to set up the appointment. She helped me navigate the way to her place, which was a nice gated complex. I popped super fast, embarrassing, but a great way to end a Friday. She is definitely the girl in the pictures and looks better in person. I’d love to set up a longer session next time she’s in the area. Glad I found her and hope to see her again.
Heavy screening worth it, Absolutely no kissing though
Dec 18, 2018
Salena is absolutely gorgeous. The heavy screening is definitely worth it. Her pictures definitely match and she is cute and petite. Please double check her website before contacting her so you can quickly enjoy your time together. And absolutely no kissing.
TNA Board Review
Dec 11, 2018
Quick and safe fun
Had a great time
Nov 06, 2018
Met with SalenaBunny at her location, nice hot spinner body, smooth flawless skin, pretty face. She was friendly and delivered service as promised, went home satisfied. I would like to see Salena again sometime.
Sooooo much fun
Oct 26, 2018
I saw salena_bunny and it was one of the best times I had, she is a fun little ride.
Great experience
Oct 25, 2018
Seen this petite girl in several occasions. Words can't describe the experience. Definitely coming back, I would recommend her 100%.
Yeaahh she likes it!! 10/10
Oct 24, 2018
Finally got a chance to see this girl and fuck was it worth it!!! I followed her on IG for a while and even drove an hour away through traffic to see her at her incall. She did not disappoint! A small little fiery package with great looks to match. Head game is strong too as she goes balls deep with no gag reflex! True professional! I could only afford the 15 min session but she didn’t rush me and we went through a few positions too. She’s very responsive and when she was feelin it deep in her stomach she even wrapped her arms around me really getting into it!! I loved the sounds she made as I was fucking her, the got me dickin her pussy down even harder! Sucks that she has to go through so many fuckin assholes as you can see on her IG, but she’s legit and tight too. Definitely a quality provider and I’ll see her again when she’s in my town. Girl definitely loves what she does and appreciates a gentleman. Just be respectful to her and you’ll be rewarded!!! Fuck her like you mean it!!!!
Beautiful Petite Latina
Oct 19, 2018
Finally got to see Salena. She is definitely the girl in the pics. If you like beautiful petite latinas, then you should definitely give her a try. She is super friendly. Be prepared for some light screening. It is pretty standard nowadays. Overall, we had a great time.
Beautiful Girl
Oct 01, 2018
Have seen her multiple times, pictures are real looks even better in person, very easy going petite but very nice body ,some screening required but not too bad allways have great time very clean and patient never rushed me.she is very flexible with appointments ,will see you on short notice or will plan with you for few days in advance she has beautiful personality easy to talk to.I all ways look forward to seeing her when she comes to my city.
Adultlook Review (KevinKarmaTheHammer)
Aug 21, 2018
I never got to see this young woman because I had a very important errand to do at a college campus so I tried forcing my session a half hour early and she did not like that. I wish she lets that go. I just want to have a regular in my town thats all.
One Hot Chick
Aug 08, 2018
I’ve and seeing Selena since the old RB days. She’s non GFE but the perfect spinner. She can sometimes seem a bit distant but I always have a good time and still highly recommend.
Nice girl. Highly recommended.
Aug 01, 2018
Nice girl. Highly recommended. She always text me when she is in the area, works for me :).
Adultlook Review (Anacleto7231)
Jul 31, 2018
9/10 would recommend, saw her not too long after.
Adultlook Review (Scoutzout223)
Jul 07, 2018
**Salena is a 5 STAR*****!! UNABLE TO SELECT DUE TO GUIDELINES** Salena is the real deal! Super hot, sweet and eager to please! Seen her a couple of times over the past year and each time was better than the last! CBJ is great with actual DT!no Great and ass, great view when going doggy! She let's you pound hard with no pulling away or pushing off.
Selena lovely
Jan 23, 2017
Saw Selena for a short visit after my dentist appointment, Iwas still in pain when I walked into her incall then all the sudden the pain disappeared and I was in heaven, thank you Selena for being so kindly, I hope we can do it again sometime soon.
Perfect little Spinner
Jun 04, 2016
A little late on the review here since she's gone from WA for now. But she was a super sweet little spinner. Seemed very new to the game and a bit nervous at first, but we chatted a bit and after she got comfortable she made me feel right at home. I honestly thought she was watching the clock a little, and may be a natural habit but she definitely wasn't, as even though I got caught in traffic and was a little late she still accommodated the full time and a little extra to chat after. Although YMMV there. Was really glad I went out to see her as she's a super petite spinner and really nice to talk to and down to earth, her giggle is to die for amongst the rest of her as well.
Lil beautiful lady
May 21, 2016
Awesome girl, sweet and beautiful. I contacted her late and she was able to accommodate rapidly. Communication was smooth, directions were clear and overall everything went very well. When I got to her incall location, she greeted me with a nice smile and very friendly greetings. Although her menu is limited, it is worth noting she is great at whats on the menu. After the fun and time passed, we embraced warmly and I left with a happy smile on my face, definitely someone I would like to see again.
Total Hottie Spinner
May 19, 2016
Salena is very interesting to me. She communicates well and setup was a breeze. Great east side IC and we touched base the entire time leading up to our meeting time. In person she is crazy cute, sexy and has an amazing body. She is shy and I hope with repeated visits we become more comfortable and her menu expands. She is full on sexy and I would love to explore and unlock her animal side. Just respect her menu and try not to get carried away. She is very cool and I think with more visits she will be a fav of many of you. Even with a cover the CBJ was more than good. While Salena is a tiny thing she will give you a workout; incredible in any position you want and gets ramped up fast. She is not a clock watcher and is still trying to get her feet on the ground in this biz. Salena is such a good add to our new group of spinners, please be good to her and at her price point she will more than satisfy.
Sexy Selena
May 11, 2016
I missed my chance to see her last time she was here. I was glad I didn't miss her this time around. Setup was easy and fast through text. Service was covered all the way, it isn't my thing, but she was very skilled orally and very very tight. I will for sure see her again when she come back.
such a cute little spinner
May 08, 2016
Salena is a micro safety spinner that is so fun to spend time with. I highly recommend seeing her.
Salena Bunny - review
Mar 05, 2016
Sorry I'm late to post this, looks like she has left Seattle, but definitely would see her again if she comes back. Met salena for HH, found her post on BP actually. Was easy to set up appointment via text. Normally wouldn't meet a girl of BP, but her post seemed legit (with reviews on other sites), so I took a shot. Hotel was nice location. Was very relieved and satisified when the girl who opened the door is exactly how she looks in the pictures. She was actually pretty easy going and friendly to talk with a bit before we got down to business. Her menu is pretty basic, but I knew that going in, so no surprises. Had a good time with her though and would definately see her again if she is in Seattle.
The Erotic Review (Indar)
Jan 01, 2016
Instantly hooked by how gorgeous she is in her pictures and video, and saw she already had a positive review so decided to pull the trigger, glad I did! Pictures are completely accurate and current. She is a hot little spinner with a tight body and perky tits. Not GFE but she is a friendly girl and delivered as promised. Non-VIP's, go with confidence, I would repeat.
The Erotic Review (GettinWayBehind)
Jan 01, 2016
Was looking for reviewed providers( note if enter search some will come up, but only if says reviewed. Also can enter TER and ads that day will come up.) So I had seen her ad before and thought wow a real cutie plus spinner type, my favorite. Salena is girl in the pics, plus video proof, and had a couple TER reviews. Was non rushed good time overall, not GFE, but worthy of a visit, I would repeat again.
The Erotic Review (LovinSD)
Jan 01, 2016
So I noticed Salena's posts on a certain site and she looked hot. I couldn't find any reviews on her at the time so I held off on seeing her. Finally a recent review had surfaced so I took the dive. Called her up late one night and she was available. Non-VIP's, she is an absolutely awesome hot little petite spinner! Definitely recommend. VIP's read on...
NightShift Review (Manik19)
Dec 28, 2015
Definitely the girl in the pictures. Like previous reviews have stated, she is somewhat business like. You get to the room, very few small talk. She pretty much gets the donation and take off the clothes and starts giving a decent cbj. I would see here again since i do love small petite girls.
Nightshift Review (HandsomeStranger)
Nov 16, 2015
Met her for a quick visit. Not really into the whole covered thing but gave it chance anyway because of her looks. The pictures are accurate, pretty and petite girl. She even went the extra mile during service. Definitely someone to cross off your to-do list.
Nightshift Review (RegularGuyN916)
Oct 12, 2015
I will start off by saying Salena is not my typical provider type. But, I have seen her posts going back for a long time on this site and the old one so I figured it was worth a shot. I wasn't disappointed, but I hope things get better with future visits. L- 8 To me, her looks are an easy 8. And that's with hardly any makeup on if any at all. I'd say she can be a 9 with very little effort. She has a tiny and pretty tight body that complements a cute nervousness about her. Standing somewhere around 5'0", everything about her is petite. A- 8 She seemed welcoming but slightly cautious. Given that this was our first encounter, it was understandable. She was friendly while still being nervous. She was kind and talkative after opening up a little bit. S- 7 The service took a hit because of the limitations of the menu. Started with a CBJ and moved into CFS with 2-3 position changes. She wasn't afraid to let me get to it even though the bed started making noise. If not for the fact that she seemed to actually get into it and started to enjoy it, I would have said a 6. She did have essentials for cleaning up after and offered them freely. E- 140/30 min Seems pretty cheap with what is out there. But you get what you pay for. R- I would give her another shot or two to see if she opened up a little more. If she does, I would be a regular.
NightShift Review (BigGolfer)
Sep 29, 2015
Was able to meet up with Selena at last minute in a nice incall location in Sac. Since it was our first meeting, it was a bit awkward at first but once we chatted a bit, got somewhat comfortable. Had a nice Non GFE experience with Selena as she was open to some suggestions. She does have quite a few rules, so you have to just go with it. We just didn't click as well as I would have liked, not sure if it's because of all her limitations or not. Either case, because she's so cute, I'd repeat again just to see if we can click better.
NightShift Review (BeneKhar)
Sep 28, 2015
This girl is one of my regulars. Whenever she comes around I usually drop by, and theres a reason for that, she's super cute and hot and she's one of the few in this hobby that have actual personality. Treat her right gents, she's bomb.
NightShift Review (Stadanko)
Sep 17, 2015
I've seen Salena about 3 times. First time was an outcall to my home, second and third time were incalls to her hotels. Service was good and she was very shy at first. Little nervous of course the first time so we had a drink to calm our nerves. She is very petite and we went right to it on my couch. Started with a cbj and moved to mish, ds and she rode me for a bit. Finally finished in mish position. She drove herself to my place and she was alone. Nice time with her and had to see her again. Second and third time was at a Motel 6 in the tri-valley and another lower end hotel. Saw her for half hour sessions and they were also not too bad. All in all a decent time with a quiet somewhat shy young lady. She was fairly new when I first saw her and she had a little dog when I saw her the last time.
NightShift Review (2Smooth)
Sep 10, 2015
Very petite, young spinner, with a positive attitude. Reminded me of an old girlfriend. She plays very safe, everything covered. That doesn't bother me. Anyone who requires GFE should look elsewhere though. She gave a nice CBJ and wasn't in a hurry at all. The pussy was very nice to look at and was extra tight. She could take a pretty good pounding and didn't complain about size or stroke. Also, for such a petite little thing, her breasts were on point. Very supple and perky... a perfect handfull. I'd definitely see her again, but I'm a sucker for young spinners.
NightShift Review (BoyToy113)
Sep 02, 2015
great light gfe service, should be on ur "to do list" she was great, we were both shy at first becuse it was the first time meeting, but we hit off and she gave me everything i asked for. I want her to stay around so i can see her more. thanks for the great session selena cant wait till next time
NightShift Review (Slocheffy)
Sep 01, 2015
My regular had flaked on me so gave Selena a call & she said to come on over, nice! Met at the elevator by a hot tiny 5' blonde, my favorite. Even though I'd read up on her info (non-gfe) I went over her rules which I think she appreciated. She got undressed & had THE most perfect tight little body-oh the things I would love to do with that! Loved seeing her on her knees giving me a nice CBJ while I played with her perky firm tits. Went for the standing doggy right away, great view from behind. Got a little rhythm going & she started to make some hot little moans. Popped real quick before I even had a chance to get real hard, felt great with my hands around her tiny waist watching her sexy ass! Played with her titties some more which she didn't seem to mind. Chatted for a few, total sweetheart, and was on my way. Would've been a 10+ if she was GFE for sure. Mission accomplished on short notice, awesome!
NightShift Review (DavidEpalau)
Aug 14, 2015
I have seen Salena in the tri-valley area, her location was nice and clean. She provide Non-GFE and YMMV. She is petite and sexy with beautiful eyes. I enjoy my date with her no complaints for what I was looking for that day. She was very responsive and agree to most of my request which was great and made the date lovely and hot. She is YMMV kind of lady so don't be disappointed if you don't get the date you are looking for. But rest assure she will try to rock your world..
The Erotic Review (Stevo69)
Aug 01, 2015
I liked her looks and video so I gave her a call and she picked up and agreed to meet within 30 minutes. She texted back to make sure I was on time just as I pulled into the parking lot of her incall. When I asked for her room number, she replied saying she would meet me by the elevator which was new to me but I agreed. When the elevator opened she got out and I was pleased to see she was the cute girl in her ad. She was wearing jean shorts and a tee and looked great. When we entered her room, I left the 30 minute donation on the table and asked to wash my hands. When I got back we both started to undress and got down to business. Non-VIPs, she is non-GFE and hygiene safe but if you like blond petites, she is worth a try.
NightShift Review (ThatGuyTom)
Jun 18, 2015
Might be ymmv. My personal experience was that she wouldn't even let me touch my own junk. Maybe it might be a first time type of thing, but i found that odd. Otherwise, shes a very pretty little petite girl with a cute personality. I might repeat if rules weren't so strict.
NightShift Review (BicycleBill)
Jun 13, 2015
This is a cool chick. Very petite and cute. Looks better in person. Non-GFE, but very pleasant to be with. Hot body and nice tattoos. Will be fun to see again.
NightShift Review (Mig12oak)
Jun 12, 2015
Very rushed