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The screening process is a crucial as it establishes a threshold for any future encounters. Only serious and respectful inquires will be considered. If you choose to forego I understand and thank you for your interest.


  • Please include the EXACT DAY AND TIME if  you would like to meet. I will not accept "ASAP", "4/10", "4/10 5 - 8 pm. Whenever". I only accept examples like "4/10 at 6pm" 
  • DO NOT include explicit information(ex: i like doggy and reverse cowgirl). 
  • DO NOT discuss rates (ex: "i'll bring $100 extra" or "i have $200" just bring it.
  • you MUST submit a photo. Even if you think you've seen me before.
  • NO PHOTO = NO SEE.  

Please be patient when it comes to me reaching out to you. Just like you have a life, escorts do also. Being impatient will result in no appointment ever happening.



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